When planning a wedding, there are so many little details to remember, it’s only natural that you’re going to forget a few. From the flowers to the rings, weddings can easily become overwhelming and stressful, causing other particulars to slip your mind. Speedy Wiz Transport, is here to help remind you of all the small details the bride and groom tend to forget when it comes to wedding transportation in Atlanta.

Forgetting to Plan for Traffic

If you’ve ever been to Atlanta, you know that the traffic is unpredictable. No matter how far you, your wedding party, or your guests are traveling on your wedding day, always leave enough time for the unexpected. Unfortunately, there are some things you can’t plan on your wedding day and that includes traffic. Try to add at least a 20-minute cushion when planning your transportation.

Overlooking Transportation for the Wedding Party

Your wedding party is such a critical part of your big day. Make sure they are covered when it comes to transportation. Many times, brides will arrange their bridal party’s transportation for only part of the day and forget to arrange either a ride home or a ride to the photoshoot. If you want your wedding party to have a great time and be in your wedding pictures, don’t forget about their transportation.

Not Considering All Options

There are so many options when it comes to wedding day transportation. It’s common for the bride and groom to go with the standard stretch limousine on their big day, without even considering other options. Speedy Wiz offers vans and party buses that are perfect for just the bride and groom or the entire wedding party.

Forgetting About Guests

Whether your guests are coming in from out of town, or your venue is slightly difficult to get to, your guests should have the option of group transportation. You don’t want to have your guests stuck in Atlanta traffic or running late on your wedding day, so avoid the mess and provide them with reliable transportation.

Not Accounting for Extra Room

With weddings come gifts, decorations, party favors, flowers, and so much more. If you, your guests, or your bridal party are bringing more than just themselves to the wedding, be sure to take that into consideration when booking your transportation. The bride might even need a little extra space for her dress!

Contact Speedy Wiz Transport for Your Wedding Day Transportation

When it comes to choosing safe, reliable transportation for your wedding day, Speedy Wiz will pull out all the stops to make it even more special for you and all your guests. Getting everyone to and from any destination in the Atlanta area in a well-maintained vehicle is our absolute priority. Call us today to reserve your wedding day transportation at 770-928-4550 or book online!