Whether you’re bringing your employees together for a weekend conference or a charity gala, corporate events are the perfect time to book a transport service. With Speedy Wiz Transport service, you’ll always receive world-class service, friendly faces, and expert driving.

Benefits of Booking an Atlanta Transport Service for Corporate Events

For everyone who lives in the greater Atlanta area, you probably experience the onslaught of Atlanta traffic on a daily basis. With new highways and entertainment facilities being built throughout the city, it can be a frustrating process to bring all of your employees together for a corporate event without things becoming chaotic along the way.

When you book a corporate transport service with Speedy Wiz, you’ll see the following benefits:

Our Drivers Know the City

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the new Mercedes-Benz stadium or to a little-known venue at the edge of the city — our drivers know Atlanta like the back of their hands. We understand traffic, where things are located, and how to maneuver through our favorite hometown.

On Time, Safe Delivery of Passengers

There’s nothing more frustrating at a corporate event than your employees arriving late for the business conference or trade show. With Speedy Wiz, we calculate overall drive time, factoring in Atlanta traffic, to ensure that you and your employees get to your destination on time. Plus, because our drivers are highly trained and professional, you can also feel comfortable knowing that the whole team will arrive safely.

With corporate transportation, you can be sure everyone arrives together as well, avoiding the all too familiar struggle of late attendees. If alcohol is served at the event, you can also feel at ease knowing that your employees will be safely transported and that no one will be behind the wheel when they shouldn’t be.

Your Employees Will Appreciate It

By providing transportation to the corporate event, you prevent employees from having to make the drive by themselves, saving them both gas money and mileage on their car. You also help give them a more stress-free ride by keeping them from having to find their way to the event in traffic, all while getting your employees to the venue on time.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Corporate transportation is the ultimate carpool, merging elegance, comfort, and style with an eco-friendly fuel solution. As a business, you can take care of the environment and keep your employees happy all at the same time.

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