Employee Shuttle

Speedy Wiz offers employee shuttle contracts to companies all across metro Atlanta. Our services can be used to ensure that the people who keep your business running are able to get to their job safely, on time, and together.

Employee shuttles save time and money for both employers and their team members. They provide easier access for employees and personnel who need to move back and forth between on-site locations or be transported on and off site.

Problems a Shuttle Services Solves

Established businesses that are looking to grow and fledgling start-ups alike face problems when it comes to expansion, available space, and employee comfort. Here are just a few major ways shuttles can solve your problems.

Gaps in MARTA

It’s no secret that Atlanta’s public transportation leaves something to be desired. MARTA trains and busses run slowly and have to account for the Atlanta gridlock. Cut back on travel time and stress by hiring a shuttle to get employees from mass transit stations to your facilities.

Lack of Parking

Organizations and businesses with a large custodial, maintenance, or staffing team can have trouble finding space for everyone to park, especially if they have to worry about customer parking as well. Once an off-site parking lot is chosen, a shuttle service would be able to make several trips at different times throughout the day to accommodate team members on both 9-to-5 schedules and shift-based schedules.

Expansive Plants or Factories

If you have multiple locations or just a large facility that makes getting from one end of it to the other difficult, a shuttle can help. Get employees, executives, and guests from one location to the next easily and efficiently.

Fix Your Problems with Shuttle Service from Speedy Wiz

Speedy Wiz Transport offers contracts to businesses throughout the Atlanta area that need an economical and practical way to get their employees safely from one place to another on a regular basis. We are able to provide shuttle services with multiple stops at different times throughout the day.

Contact Speedy Wiz directly by phone at 770-928-4550 or request a quote online today!